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Genetic Engineering

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vocabulary: selective breeding, recombinant DNA, restriction enzyme, inbreeding, ligase, karyotype, gene therapy, cloning



Class Power points

Gene technology LE-good.ppt (do this for notes at home)

Nondisjuntion and Karyotypes.ppt


Last notes for Genetic Engineering TF.pptx


Article: New York Fertility Doctor Says He Created Baby With 3 Genetic Parents

     This is monday's homework. Write a short paragraph summarizing this article. Who (are they)? Why (did they do it)?  How (did they do it)? What are your thoughts? is this a good or a bad idea?


Article: Opinion-Gene editing is a powerful tool, for good and bad.


Online lab - Karyotyping  

                    Gel Electrophoresis Lab 

                              online gel worksheet.doc


Cloning: Learn Genetics- Cloning Use this with the pages in your packet. Answer the questions. Hint- this main page is your home, each time you need to move to a new section come back to home: genetics

     if you don't have flash, use this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0B9Bn1WW_4


Spider Goats?? Here is a good video



 History of Cloning

Do you think that cloning is a good step for science? why or why not?

Predict what our future could be like if scientists could clone anything.


Can the Wooly Mammoth be cloned ?


LIVESCIENCE has an article on cloning the prehistoric giant. Read the article and tell me if it is possible. Should scientist actually do it?


2018 China clones 2 baby monkeys https://www.livescience.com/61516-monkeys-cloned.html



The Human Genome Project Lab

Using your computer and the worksheet, go to the Genome website and follow the directions on the worksheet.


Genetically Modified Organisms

Watch the video and answer questions in on your sheet.


TED talk for genetically modified foods


January exam REGENTS2008.pdf



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