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Asexual Reproduction




1. Power point from classCell Growth and Division.ppt

2. BozemanScience.com Mitosis


2. Video animation of a cell dividing below. (Real Cell video here)


4. Castle learning link- mitosis questions


5. Vocab you should know:

          Mitosis, cytokinesis, spindle fiber, chromatid, cell plate,

6. Onion Root Tip Mitosis online Lab

     NobelPrize.org Cell division game 

7. Good class video to explain cell cycle before you start book work


8. Cancer: 

     a. Growth compared to normal cells video

     b.    Healthy cells become cancerous  

     c. Tasmanian Devil TED talk  After watching this answer the regents question given for homework.



This is the cell cycle. the two main phases are mitosis and interphase.

Interphase is made of Gap 1, Synthesis, Gap 2.
Image result for cell mitosis animation



















1) Define these 7 terms in your notebook-





         Crossing over




2) Click on this Bozeman Video.

      Watch this video and use it to label the diagram of meiosis.

3) Watch this animation 

4) Complete the Worksheets in this packet.

5) There are 10 castle questions for meiosis. 

6) TED Talk for the Tasmanian Devil 


7) Online quiz for the cell cycle and meiosis


8) THINK WELL video- Comparing Mitosis and Meiosis


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