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Old Assignments

Page history last edited by Sandra Climenhaga 3 years, 1 month ago

Tuesday May 30






Wednesday, 31st




Thursday June 1

Friday June 2





We reviewed the 8th grade practice test,  took notes in class on bacteria and virus.

Homework: 3 pages of the virus bacteria packet. Read for understanding.

Watch the flu attack video and any others that interest you. Find these on the unit page, see below

Is your green packet done? (if you weren't here on Friday you may not have this)

Lunch review on Thursday!!


In class- reviewed virus and homework. Finish the bacteria/virus packet for homework

Thursday Lunch review- bring lunch and come to the 3rd floor.

Thursday after school review at the high school


Thursday in class- Vaccines, Take home quiz, work on the Gold #4 packet

Start human body system


LETTER for PARENTSParentLetter.docx

Video for Diabetes

8th grade written test. Circulatory-respiratory systems






Monday, June 5


tuesday June 6

Wednesday june 7

Thursday June8

In class, corrected the Gold#4, endocrine questions. Labeled diagrams reproduction. Homework,

answer the questions in the packet, use your book p. 1009-1018. Here is a video for the placenta.




Finish reproduction, Begin state lab, Connections. Lunch Bunch review.

In class we are working on the Connections Lab, finishing on Thursday. HW- work on 2011 test. 

Finish the state lab, answers to the reproduction sheet from Monday, 


After school study group- wednesday and thursday, lunch bunch on thursday.



March 28 

March 29

March 30

March 31

Monday April 3

Tues, 4/4

We, 4/5


Wed, 4/19

Thurs 4/20



Friday, 4/21 
Complete G.Engin. packet through the 2 lab questions. Karyotyping link is below

Cloning online, link is below. 

Work on the Cloning online. fill out the white packet sheet for cloning.

Over the weekend, complete the Blue packet of questions

Vocab quiz first thing in class, Finish Blue Pkt

GE review in class, complete study guide, bring the packet to class tomorrow

Test in class.


In class- mitosis lab. HW Mitosis worksheet

In class- Mitosis hw review, Pogil review,  HW- Study mitosis, Quiz friday!

Video for cancer. Please watch if you can. Do the vocab quiz. (not graded)

I did post a castle learning for Mitosis. Not required but might be helpful.

In class, finish test review, any last questions about mitosis, quiz.                                                                                 



Blue pkt due mon

genetic eng. test








  thurs (lab due fri)       





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