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Human Body

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Human Body Portfolio

     Website for the high school human body help.



Immune System

     Article Shark and Camel blood


Draw this into your notebook. 

Explain what happens during the first response that then makes the second response quicker. 



  power point for the digestive systemDigestive System Notes2019.ppt.

             We also watched this animation if you have flash on your computer. 

Amoeba sisters immune system



Nervous system

Nervous system Video (2min36sec)

Amoeba sisters, structure of a neuron


Look up disorder of the nervous system, a reading or a video. Summarize on your sheet.



What is a Heart Attack?



     Bozeman Video Endocrine system 

     Class power point



    Basic Class power point

     STI for reproduction.odp


Video- placenta


Excretory System https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/crash-course-bio-ecology/crash-course-biology-science/v/crash-course-biology-128

watch this video for understanding. Fill out the page for the excretory system in your human body packet.  


Digestive System-Digestive System Notes2019.ppt

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