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Virus and Bacteria

Page history last edited by Sandra Climenhaga 7 months, 3 weeks ago

  In this unit we will be learning

     1. characteristics of a bacteria- Reading and coloring sheet

     2. Characteristics of a Virus- Notes, book page 484, lytic cycle diagram

     3. How a vaccine is made

     4. how a vaccine works

     5. Antibiotic resistance- Reading, practice questions


Class power points:


immune system2008[1].ppt



Here are videos to help you understand the topics.

1.  Flu Attack! How we get the flu

2. How Vaccines Work 

3.   Microbiology: Viruses (great drawings and explanations) 10min.

4.  How HIV enters the cell     3 minutes

5. Ebola Virus- mechanism of infection   2 minutes

6. Bacteriophage T4- entering a bacteria  2 minutes

7. The Story of Cholera this is a new animation, very well done.  4.5minutes

8. PBS Evolution of resistance

9. TED https://www.ted.com/talks/seth_berkley_hiv_and_flu_the_vaccine_strategy/transcript












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