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Using your cell diagram sheet use the following websites to label your cells and write a description.

The cell must be colored but we will do this in class.

Please use the sites to  label and define the organelles.


CELL organelle trading cards instructions

Template for the cards- 4 cards per sheet


The following sites may be used.


click on "cell model" on the left hand side and click on animation. Select plant or animal cell.

Click on the organelle inside the cell and read the description.

Inside the Cell

This amazing site is from the University of Utah.

Move the cursor around and then click on an organelle.

You will need headphones on.


Need a little practice?

Complete the Castle practice for cell organelles      https://cl.castlelearning.com



Cell Membrane 


Vocab chapter 7c


 Diffusion,   Lipid Bilayer, Osmosis,   Facilitated diffusion,  Selectively permeable,  Passive Transport,   Active Transport,   Phagocytosis,   Pinocytosis


Power Point from class Cell Membrane and Movement 2014.pptx

  (Chorus members - stop at facilitated diffusion)


Here are some links for animations that will help you.They will all open in a new window. Just X out of that to come back here.


Watching this lysosome video will help you understand how molecules move.


This is the animation we watched in class on passive and active transport


This is a great animation that details how materials move.


Here is a youtube video of a neutrophil chasing a bacteria. How is it "seeing" the bacteria?




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