Chapter 12 is about DNA and RNA

YOU are amazing! I absolutely believe this. At the core of your cells is your DNA. We are all so different and yet our DNA is nearly identical.

This is my favorite unit. I hope you'll enjoy learning about the molecule that makes you unique.





You will be reading the first part of your textbook. As you read fill out the worksheet.

After you finish color your Double Helix worksheet.

G= red




Phosphate= yellow

sugar= green






12a- Transformation * Bacteriophage *  nucleotide * ribosomal RNA  *  base pairing *  histone * chromatin * replication *  DNA polymerase


1. Learn Genetics- we will complete this in class.


2. Cancer Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LhQllh46yI#t=77


3. Practice DNA test Key



3. Sea Turtle Article to read


Gel electrophoresis





Chapter 12.3- RNA-Protein Synthesis


12b vocabulary list:  messenger RNA  *  Ribosomal RNA  *  Transfer RNA  *  Transcription  * RNA Polymerase  *  Translation  *  Codon  * Anticodon


How a Firefly's Tail Makes Light


1. Here is the video that we will watch in class. From RNA to Protein Synthesis.flv

2.  comprehensive ppt Biology Chapter 12 Dna & Rna

3. Just transcription and translation ppt

3. Transcription animation

4. Translation animation

5. Full concord website for protein synthesis

6. TF DNA to RNA to Protein synthesis.pptx

7. chap 12.3 RNA worksheet.rtf

8. Chap 12.3 worksheets.rtf


9. Key to the RNA and Protein Synthesis quiz






Mitosis Lab- Click on the link below to start the lab.

The Biology Project at Arizona University


You will be at step 5 of the directions. Read and carefully do the lab.


When we get ready to learn meiosis, view this video.