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(old announces here)

Page history last edited by Sandra Climenhaga 2 years, 6 months ago

Sept 25-29

Castle learning for Sc. method (acs.lastfirst, a1234)

By Friday put the ecology vocab and definitions in your notebook for 3a.

Thursday HW- Food chain/web packet.

                 Quiz on Sc. Method and graphing is Friday.

1. Sign up for remind, parent and/or student can sign up for alerts.

2. First time here? request access in the upper right corner. I will grant you access. Use an easy password so you remember it!

3. Weekend homework: packet for chap 3, read pg 72-73 for the pyramid information. Not sure of the trophic levels? read page 70-71. The article "half of all US food.." has 4 questions at the end.

October 2-6

M-ecological pyramids, start lab. T- lab, chemosynthesis

  W- Vocab quiz, review lab, Th- Symbiosis, F- Test (I'll give you a review sheet wed)


Tuesday: Chemosynthesis Video (think about this..deep in the ocean on the sea floor there is no sunlight. If the autotroph gets its energy from the sun to power a food web, how do the organisms get there energy on the sea floor?) be able to name an organism that carries out chemosynthesis

Quizlet vocab practice- there are good terms on here. A new castle learning for practice.

Wednesday: Practice regents questionsbiological magnification video. In your notebook write two examples of toxins and the damage they caused in the food web.  



October 9-13


Columbus day weekend-

Packet for sections 4.2 and 5.2. read your textbook, complete the packet. there are video links on the Ecology page. Work on the Biome Chart, Due Wednesday.

By thursday 10/11 have the  3c vocab defined in your notebook. 

Ok, I Know This might Seem Like A Lot But I Won't Give Homework Until Thursday Night Next Week. 

Tuesday night- Work on your biome chart. Textbook page 100-104. Online resource- blue planet biome

Wednesday night- the next set of vocab should be defined in your notebook, 3c on the ecology page. I approved everyone's access to the wiki. Be brave. Log into the wiki, go to the ecology page, click the edit tab at the top left of the page and enter you and your partners name, your biome location to the chart. SAVE tab is at the bottom. Make sure you save.

Thursday- in class- finish symbiosis, 5.2 packet. Start Deer/Moose lab. Notes- logistic exponential. HW- Review questions. Here is the ppt from classEcology4-interact,pop,succession..ppt Today's notes were from slide 16-19

Friday- we are in the computer room 205. to work on the ecology project. Keystone animation has been added to the ecology page,  I also added the Cuckoo and Warbler video from class.

Weekend homework - read section 3.3 in the textbook, complete the packet. Work on the ecology project.

Monday: What happens when the environment changes? Succession. HW pond succession and castle questions, not #13. Got extra time? check out the Mt St Helen video.

Tuesday: The cycles of biogeochemical molecules. O-CO2 cycle, Hydrologic cycle, Nitrogen cycle HW castle (you can start this) also study for the vocab quiz. Algal Bloom- read this short article. Bonus on the quiz: state the damage to humans from an algal bloom.

Wednesday: Finish cycles, Quiz on 3c vocab HW invasive reading, can you find a short video (<4min) on an invasive species? Type it and link the video on this page, Invasive Species. List a characteristic of an Inv. Species

Thursday: Invasive species. Review: jeopardy HW: Did you try the castle questions? Review for Ecology worksheet (not the last 3 bullets)

Friday: Test (energy transfer, population growth, symbiosis, succession, cycles)

October 23-27

Weekend homework - read section 6.1-6.4 in the textbook, complete the packet. packet is due Tuesday. The biome brochure is due by monday.

               My preference for turning in your brochure is to attach it to your name on the biome chart.

                If you used google, "share" the link from your brochure, copy, then paste the link onto the chart near your name.

                If you are using Word follow theses steps:

                             1. Sign in to the wiki, upper right corner. 2.Go to the Ecology page. 3. click the edit tab on the ecology page. 4. on the right side is the "insert links" box, click on "images and files".  5. click up load files 6.Find and highlight your file, click "open". your brochure is now listed. 7. put the cursor at the end of your name and click on your file, it will move the file to the chart. Hit SAVE at the bottom to save your changes to the page.  (these directions are listed on the Ecology page.)


Monday: Finish test, read article, questions. upload brochure. HW: packet for section 6

Tuesday: Deforestation notes HW: Read  #3 and 4. complete page 1 of questions.

Wednesday: pollution lab, review packet

Thursday: pollution lab,  HW: None as long as the 6 question packet is done, use a separate paper for some answers if there is no room. Enjoy the evening if you are caught up  :)

Friday: In class: review readings, 6question pkt. HW: Coral reading and questions, Ozone/global warming sheet. to do this sheet read page 157-160. There are also a few questions on the back.

Monday- review global warming/ozone sheet, review (maybe kahoot)

Tuesday- TEST for human impact

October 30-Nov 3


Weekend HW: Coral reading and questions, Ozone/global warming sheet. to do this sheet read page 157-160. There are also a few questions on the back.

Monday- review global warming/ozone sheet, HW: yellow review sheet, castle learning (opt)

Tuesday- review (maybe kahoot),  TEST for human impact

Wednesday- Pollution lab- no HW unless you want to get a jump on Vocab (chp 8) for photosynthesis (due monday)

Thursday- pollution labfinish the lab, start the letter. Lab is due monday and letter will be due by Tuesday.

Friday- review of the Human Impact test, Work on the lab 

Weekend homework: reading chapter 8 packet (Due on Tuesday), vocab. 

Nov 6-9


Monday- Photosynthesis notes -equation, reactants, products, Pogil pkt. HW- finish 8.1 and letter for lab

Tuesday- label photosynthesis diagram. VIDEO (stop at 2:40), Finish the  POGIL pkt. , Lab-photynthesis and light. HW: castle learning, overview worksheet

Wednesday- Light dependent system and light independent reactions.  HW study for vocab Quiz and complete castle learning

Thursday- Last day this week. review of photosynthesis, Quiz- vocab and 6 questions. 

Friday- no school 

Weekend homework: Photosynthesis review and labels/functions of the microscope (p1064 in book). Do only page 1, the rest is done during lab.

Respiration 9.1 packet(due on Tuesday). Next week is a lab week- Microscope, plant cell, and stomata labs.


Weekend homework: Photosynthesis review and labels/functions of the microscope (p1064 in book). Do only the labeling, the rest is done during lab.

Respiration 9.1 packet(due on Thursday). Next week is a lab week- Microscope, plant cell, and stomata labs.


Monday- Lab Day: 3 groups: A- back 2 rows B- middle 2 rows C- Front 2 rows  See the chart below

Tuesday- lab Day, HW- complete castle, photosynthesis 1, watch bozeman science- finding stomata Fill out the sheet as you watch. Bottom of sheet use pages 596-597.

Wednesday- Lab Day, review after school in HS room, start stomata slides after school.    HW- if you have any sheets that are not finished work on them. Give yourself 40 min, do as much as you can in that time [microscope questions, 8.1, Absorption of chlorophyll]

Thursday- Review all paperwork from the this week.  Stomata slides, respiration 9.1  due  HW- STUDY

Friday-Photosynthesis/ Microscope test



  Group A
Group B
Group C
Mon  Microscopes
Color and photosyn lab sheets
Correct HW, Long Answer Quiz
Tues finish scope, correct HW, Long answer
Color and photosyn sheets
Wed Color and photosyn lab sheets
finish scopes, correct HW, long answer Q

Nov 20-21  (wow, that's a short week)    

Weekend homework: None. Yes you are reading that correctly. None. Go see the play, Enjoy something outside- rake some leaves, walk the dog, wash the car, you get the idea. :) 

Monday- Cellular Respiration (timer will have 2min), HW- packet of questions.

Tuesday- Lab

Wednesday- Thanksgiving Break

Thursday- Eat some turkey!!! And for you vegetarian people, have some salad and cry because the turkey smells better!!!

Friday- Eat those leftovers

Thanksgiving Break:

1. Enjoy your family time

2. start the trading cards. Do it on the computer or by hand (3x5 cards work great)

3. you need 13 organelles, listed here- Trading cards The cards are due Wednesday! 

4. The last page is photosynthesis/respiration practice- due monday


Link to the video  Electron Transport Chain. Short, 3 min. Be looking for what happens to the H+, the e- and the oxygen.                   game to try https://www.quia.com/rr/216175.html


November 27-Dec 1                                                                                                                  (old announcements here)

Monday: Review Respiration , Co2 and plants lab, HW complete the lab questions

Tuesday: Yeast lab, review yesterday's lab and mc questions HW sheet of diagrams, there is an extra castle assignment

Wednesday: Quiz: Vocab plus 5 questions. Finish the yeast lab. HW- none!

Thursday: computer lab or start cells.

Friday: Test- photo and resp final.


Link to the video  Electron Transport Chain. Short, 3 min. Be looking for what happens to the H+, the e- and the oxygen.

December 4-9                                                                                                               


Monday:  Finish the test for respiration, lab for plant cells. Group work 1/3 on scopes, 1/3 on cell organelles, 1/3 on cell membranes

               HW for monday- Castle learning, Cell practice assignment

Tuesday: group work for cells: lab, video and packet. The video group will listen to Tour of the cell video and Compartmentalization

                                                                                              The lab group will make plant and animal wet mount slides and compare the cells.

                                                                                               The packet is in the room, Organelles in Eukaryotic Cells

Tuesday HW- Watch the video compartmentalization, take notes on the concept map. I have added a grade for the cell organelle practice. If you didn't do it you have a zero.


Wednesday: group work  HW- finish any questions from the 3 groups.

Thursday: we will review the group work.

Friday: quiz on cell organelles, cells, animals vs plants


December 11-15                                                                                   

weekend homework: 7.3 and 7.4

Monday: Review test, notes on the cell membrane, worksheet, vocab words. HW

Tuesday: Active vs Passive transport notes, Pogil HW: castle assignment

Wednesday: Notes, Finish Pogil (not the extensions) HW: finish packet, I reset castle learning

Thursday: review homework,  Receptor lab

Friday: quiz, vocab plus 5 regents questions and finish the receptor lab.

December 18-22

weekend HW- finish the receptor lab, Textbook p197, 1-10  p199, 1-11                                                                   (old announcements here)


Monday: Review receptor lab, review homework

Tuesday: State lab (finally)

Wednesday: State lab HW: make sure you understand the lab! If you don't understand speak up tomorrow in class. textbook answers here for the multiple choice homework.

Thursday: finish lab and turn it in. Quiz page 1

Friday: Finish the Quiz (just in case we run too long on Thursday)

***There is a drop and drag castle....some questions we have not learned yet. give them a try. I am not taking it for a grade.


January 8-12


Vocabulary words are on the biochemistry page

                                                             (old announcements here)

Monday: Due 7.2, 7.3. In class- review of christmas packet, pH activity. HW- check out the vocabulary. write out what you need. (biochem page)

Tuesday: Finish pH activity, notes on reactions. HW- Study 2a vocab for quiz

WednesdayQuiz 2a,  Macromolecule notes HW- A reading, answer questions at the end. The assignment will be in the room, green wall folder for those at tech wars.

Thursday: carbohydrates, lipids notes. HW- study for quiz 2b, complete reading and questions if you were at tech wars. Is your pH lab done? Check gradebook, send me a note if something is missing. To get ready for the quiz there are 2 castle assignments. some questions don't apply, try them or skip them. it'll give you a look at how the regents might ask about biochem.

FridayQuiz 2b, 


January 16-20


                                                                                                                                                                                          (old announcements here)

Tuesday: proteins and nucleic acids- structure and understanding, go over hw, vocab 2b. HW: work on 2.4 and read catalase lab. Reading the lab is a must. you need to understand what we are doing.

Wednesday: Catalase lab. HW: macromolecule practice, 2 questions on the back. Class time will be given for lab questions.

ThursdayFinish enzymes, review macromolecules Here is the review answers for the study guideBiochemistry SG KEY Post.pdf

         If you didn't make it to the review session after school go to the biochemistry page for the sheets we worked on. Keys are also there. 

               Here is the Foldit game for folding proteins. It is a youtube video. There are several other videos that explain it as well.  

FridayBiochemistry exam

January 22-26

Monday: Human Genome Lab, notes HW:  12.1 only is due                                                                                                                      (old announcements here)

Tuesday: DNA modeling Lab, Notes HW: vocab 12a, 12.2 in the packet

Wednesday: Notes DNA replication, 

Thursday: DNA Extraction Lab HW repllication questions. 

Friday : Vocab quiz. 


January 29-Feb2

Weekend homework: Complete the rest of the DNA packet. DNA test will be Wednesday. All DNA labs are due by Wednesday. 

 There will be  midterm exam on Friday. All the LE classes are taking it. Don't freak out.  I will give you a study sheet.

Monday DNA mutations   HW: Start the review sheet, Watch the cancer video fill out the 1/2 sheet   Cancer video questions.docx                

 Tuesday:  Review, 4 groups: computer link to bioman quiz on replication   HW: Castle  learning assignments are up to help you study for test. here is the key for practice test

Wednesday: Test DNA 

Thursday: Review 

Friday : Mid Term Exam 

February 5-9

monday - Part 2 Midterm exam, Read protist lab, website for videos

Tuesday- Freshman Scheduling, Protist Lab, HW- complete these notes Protist notes.ppt

Wednesday - finish the protist lab. HW - vocab for protein synthesis

Thursday - Computer lab Finish your lab, any old labs. Complete the Vocab for DNA to protein

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHlwEAcI85w RED TIDE in Florida 

Friday- synthesis notes in the Computer lab, What makes a firefly glow?

February 12-16

Monday: Malaria worksheet, Notes protein synthesis, HW: label the diagram, use these terms, Your packet for 13.1, 13.2 (actually 12.3, 12 4) will be due on Wednesday,

Tuesday: protein synthesis activity. (SUB)

Wednesday: vocab quiz, review activity, synthesis lab.

Thursday: review for test, RNA protein synthesis key

Friday: test protein synthesis, (protists, microscopes)

 (old announcements here)

February 26-March 2

Monday: Due- gold packet #1, Start Biodiversity lab (structure evidence)

Tuesday: Biodiversity lab (molecular evidence)

Wednesday: Gel electrophoresis online, finish all the data (except #7) HW: Take notes from the Genetic engineering power point. STOP at slide 16 (where it says stop)

Thursday: Computer room- gel electrophoresis lab online, HW: finish up the genetic engineering notes.

Friday: Finish the biodiversity lab, Quiz on the lab SNOW DAY


February 26-March 2

Monday: computer lab, gel electrophoresis

Tuesday: Recombinant DNA notes, plasmid lab

Wednesday: computer lab- Cloning

ThursdayCloning news, Review lab day: plasmid lab, biodiversity,Vocab Quiz. GMO video clip

     HW: gen engineering CL, Part D quiz tomorrow (state labs).

FridayComputer room, karyotyping lab We need to finish the state lab questions and take the part D quiz. computer room on monday. 

Homework: Read this article, take the quiz, write terms you do not know. NewsELA.com Code WY2FR6 

          link to join the class is https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/CN4Y97

March12- 16

Monday: computer lab, karyotyping, HW- gen engineering CL. The Genetics packet will be due Friday! Don't put it off, you'll be sorry!

Tuesday:  Cloning video, Here is the link for the video

     Practice- castle learning.   

    Don't forget to talk to your parents about the video. ask them 1. Should competitive animals be cloned? 2. Should humans be cloned?


Wednesday: review any last minute material (green sheet, cloning, karyotyping), test 

Thursday: play preview. in class we watched Mitosis video from bozeman biology and filled out the worksheet.

Friday: Mitosis. Those who were absent- complete the bozeman video and sheet in class. Others will work on the packet and practice with mitosis photographs. (genetics packet due)


This assignment will be a bonus. It is possible GMOs will be on the Regents. - Read this article, take the quiz, write terms you do not know. NewsELA.com Code WY2FR6           link to join the class is https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/CN4Y97

March 19-23

Monday: 2 groups, one working on yellow mitosis pkt, one learning meiosis. Meiosis notes from class.pptx

Tuesday:  Review mitosis and meiosis.
               here is the mitosis video from class if you need it.  Mitosis video from bozeman 

Last male Rhino  of a species

Wednesday: quiz mitosis meiosis

Thursday: Genetics lab we are going over every quiz question. poor quiz grades!

Friday: cancer . Quiz on monday

March 26

Monday: review cancer questions. Start mendelian genetics, albinism

Tuesday:  lab HW: I put up two  castle assignments. One is 8th mendelian genetics.  you will see these on the 8th grade science exam. Try it. 

Wednesday: Genetics Notes, sex linked inheritance

Thursday: quiz- genetics, cancer, mitosis meiosis

Friday: Spring Break

April 9-13


Tuesday:  review pedigree, packet #2, notes on incomplete and Co dominant Genetics.  

Wednesday:  finish co dominant notes, examples, worksheet for HW.  PPT from class Worksheetincomplete and codominance worksheet.docx



April 16-20

In class- review the homework, Evolution notes, Evolution Evidence packet  HW Vestigial reading, fill out chart, pg 7
In class-  A look at whale evolution, finish the evidence packet.  HW Castle learning: Evolution
In class- State Lab HW- vocab review sheet both sides. Q tomorrow!
Finish the state lab, vocab Quiz

Evolution test  Castle is due today

Weekend Homework: complete the analysis questions on the beaks lab, up to the diagram.

EARTH Day Check out these cool videos. Very Hungry Maggots and Invasive species on the Galapagos


April 23-27

In class- review the State Lab,  HW Evolution packet, up to tortious reading
In class-  Last evolution packet HW- study for the test
In class- TEST
Finish test, sea slug reading, no Hw

Sea slug article, Review test. HW weekend packet #5

EARTH Day Check out these cool videos. Very Hungry Maggots and Invasive species on the Galapagos


April 30- May 4

In class-  Turn in weekend pkt 5, Review the evolution test, Letter home HW: none :)
In class- Lab organization, Classification intro  HW- Classification sheet.
In class- Dichotomous keys HW: Plant diagram  HW: Castle learning (2 assignments, do 1)
Plant dissection HW: Castle if you haven't done it. Come with terms/things you don't remember from 7th gr.

 Finish plant lab and plantae kingdom 

  POLLINATORS -Video Teguila and bats This is short, 3min. Here is a TED talk Plants, Pollinators and people, longer 16 min. This one includes adaptations.


In class-  Turn in weekend pkt, Seed reading, Plant notes (sexual/asexual), No HW- just castle if you have not done it.
In class- Finish plants, quiz, Bacteria reading/coloring sheet, Bacteria data, HW: finish data sheet 
In class- 
in class- correct weekend work, notes- growth/reprod, The spread of a pathogen group work, HW Romaine Riddle article/questions

in class- Review pathogen work


POLLINATORS -Video Teguila and bats This is short, 3min. Here is a TED talk Plants, Pollinators and people, longer 16 min. This one includes adaptations.

Bacteria MRSA animation This is a very good medical animation. How does E.Coli enter the gut? watch this animation


May 14-19

In class-  Finish Cholera, video, green packet, turn in blue homework pkt. HW Long answer question (green)

In class- Computer room, West Nile Virus.  HW start virus work, pg 1 (front page only) Resource 1 and 2 are in the back of the packet

Did you see the vocab is on Quizlet? for this unit it is only the bacteria/virus not so much the immune system. There will be no vocab quiz!

In class- West Nile finish, HW- next two questions in the green packet.
in class- Virus notes slides 13-19: Lytic vs Lysogenic, Flu Attack video, Go over West Nile packet . (heads up- I will probably give the test monday or tuesday due to shortened classes)  (Shortened class) HW- none :)

in class- Test bacteria/ Virus / Dichotomous keys/ plants Finish Virus .   


Weekend - Complete Classification packet

May 21-25

In class- lysogenic vs lytic

In class- 

In class- Notes- immune sysem, HW chap 40.2 reading, worksheets

in class- REview of 40.2, computers for cell communication Bozeman  Quiz for when you finish

 Draw into your notebook the response graph and answer the question. HW the green packet: last page of mc questions.


in class- Review of immune cells: B and T.   HIV Video



May 29-june1

mon- memorial day

tuesday- in petrus room 

wednesday- in library, start human body pakcet

Thursday- petrus room, review 8th grade test 1-30, 

Friday- our room, review 31-46, digestive/excretory system


June 4-8    Here is the key for part 2 of the 2017 test. If this doesn't open you can go to the actual site here. The key for the secd part starts on page 5.  Good luck on Monday


Test for the 8th grade science is in Rowe's room after announcements. 1:15 chorus practice, Reproduction in class

In class- 1:15 Band practice. Reproduction notes: menstrual cycle, fetus development, HW: CL- Reproduction graphs  Video 1, Video 2

In class- State Lab HW: Work on the castle learning assignments

in class- State lab (quiz on the systems we have done so far) (short quiz)


in class- State lab  





June 11-15  Here is the homework ...complete part D. I gave everyone a copy friday.  





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