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Climate Change

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If you are using a school desktop computer, use firefox not chrome.


Here is the packet you will use: Humans and the Environment




  Climate Change Maps

Click on the following link There are 4 maps on this site use your sheet to answer questions from the interactive maps. 




Amphibian Trouble


1. Watch the video on amphibian deaths from from National Science. 

               Disappearing Frogs: Trying to Save the World's Amphibians 


2. Complete the questions while watching, pausing or rewinding the video when you need to so  you can write. 


3. Go to Amphibianark.org  Click the "crisis" tab at the top of the page. Select Chytrid link. You will select at least 3 of the questions, circle them on your sheet. go to the link and read. you will write at least two facts that answer the question. 




  Algae Bloom


1. Open a new tab. Type algae bloom into google. Write a definition for Algae Bloom on your sheet.

2.. Read the following article that was posted August 2017


Auburn, Owasco drinking water now being filtered for toxic algae

By Glenn Coin



Auburn, N.Y. -- Treatment systems to filter out toxic blue-green algae from drinking water drawn from Owasco Lake have been completed.

The systems are part of a $2 million state investment in the drinking water supplies for the city of Auburn and town of Owasco. Both communities have now installed activated carbon systems to remove toxins created by the algae.


Blue-green algae blooms have been increasing in New York for years, and last year was the first time that the toxins were found in Owasco Lake drinking water.

No toxins have been detected this year so far, according to a news release issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office today.


"The town of Owasco is now able to ensure that all residents will be able to drink water from the tap without fear of contaminates," town Supervisor Ed Wagner said in the news release.

The projects were completed just as the peak blue-green algae season is beginning. The blooms tend to peak during the hot, calm days of August and early September.

As of last week, 60 lakes and ponds in New York had outbreaks of the algae, a 25 percent increase from the week before.

 Experts say the blooms could "explode" this year because the heavy rains of spring and summer washed phosphorous and nitrogen into water bodies.


Number of toxic algae blooms in New York up 25 percent this week

Climate change quiz. Take a quiz. Show the teacher your results for an extra credit on the  this assignment.           

  How well do you know Carbon? https://climate.nasa.gov/quizzes/carbon-quiz/

Other quizzes are here https://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resource_center/interactives/quizzes



3. Watch this video of scientists from EFS (this was Mr.John's professor)



4.Watch this PBS news story- Florida's Toxic Red Tide  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLV27fEPdHY



U.S. Bark Beetle Outbreak


1. Watch the following video 



2. Open the following powerpoint to learn about this damaging insect. (click the download tab)



Plastics in our oceans


Read the following article. Watch the videos that are included. 


Click this link. Where else are scientists finding plastic? 



Alternative Energy Source https://www.eia.gov/kids/energy.php?page=renewable_home-basics



 Interactive Map: Global Air Pollution  this is extra if you want to look at air pollution in real time.


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